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English examination practice: question 3

She aExplain some of the thoughts and feelings Claire Francis has during the storm.

I this extract from her book, the first thing she felt was unprepared from another blow by gale force winds, which seemed to take her completely by surprise, another thing she felt was exhausted, this was because of the daunting physical task of changing sails throughout the night, which is hard enough to do in calm weather, let alone in a storm.

She also talks about how she went below deck to search for dry clothes, which she failed to do, as all the clothes she found were soaking wet, at this moment, Claire would likely be feeling frustrated or even angry or defeated, because she would of have been hoping to put on some dry warm clothes, but after finding only wet ones, it would probably frustrate her.

Claire also mentions that at one point, she lay in a state of mental paralysis, this is usually used to describe depression, but in this case, it likely means that she tried not to think of anything and ignore the dire situation she was in.

She also felt strong dismay, as she got her hopes up high at the sight of clear skies, only to have the winds blow stronger than ever, causing her more distress and frustration.

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  • This answer is strong. It explores a wide range of feelings experienced by Claire Francis, but its limitation is that its references to the text itself are a little vague or broad.

    In this question you’re better to literally quote passages and images from the text to support your conclusions – which are clear and valid.


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