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Modern taming of the shrew scene

Act 2, scene 1

Enter Katherina and Bianca [With her hands tied]

BIANCA: Sister, don’t wrong me, or wrong yourself, don’t try and treat me like a slave, now hurry, untie my hands, i’ll pull off all my swag,i’ll do whatever you want, I know to respect my elders.

KATHERINA:  Of  all the people who want you, tell me, who loves you most, will you cheat on them?

BIANCA: Trust me, of all the men i’ve seen, none of them are special, none that I like above all others.

KATHERINA: Spoilt brat, you lie, isn’t it hortensio?

BIANCA: Hah, if you love him, i’ll get you with him myself if  you can’t get him yourself.

KATHERINA: Ah, you like rich men more, maybe Gremio is the one you need.

BIANCA: no, you insult me, and I have known you have been insulting me all this while, enough of this, untie my hands!

‘Katherina strikes her’

KATHERINA: if that was an insult then all the rest were too.

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  • This is a good start. You might want to think of setting this scene in a particular location (like a nightclub, for example) and perhaps changing the character names to allow you to go deeper into the idiom with your dialogue.

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