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Theme Study Journal Entry 6: Charles Darwin(Newspaper Article; New York Times)

This Lengthy article talks about how Charles Darwin is still Influential after 200 years and explores his theory in detail.

At First, Darwin’s theory was Largely accepted then challenged, in fact, it has been challenged many, many times, A large amount of people believed that Darwin’s theory of Natural selection between animals was absurd, however, this theory was Accepted by a very large number of scientists, the fact remains that Darwin was the first man to publish Detailed and Large amounts of evidence supporting his theory instead of publishing various articles as new evidence arises.

Darwin, instead of brushing off challenges to his theory, became obsessed with them until he found a solution, which made him a rare individual and Genius, Darwin has influenced Science(mainly Biology) by a great deal because of his advanced thoughts and the Vast amounts of evidence backing up his theory, there is likely to be Hardly any theories that might greatly disprove  his theory as many theorists don’t find enough evidence to support it.

Darwin was a Rare individual because of his intelligence, in a time where there wasn’t many Equally Intelligent people, Although many religious people will dismiss Darwin’s theory as Absurd, they will likely not find substantial evidence to back up their claims.

He Changed the way animals are studied forever, and will likely not be forgotten for a while, his theory will likely be added onto by Scientists and some parts might be proved wrong, it does not change the fact that Darwin changed the Entire World.

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