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Theme Study Journal Entry 5: Abraham Lincoln(Newspaper Article; New York Times)

This Newspaper Article talks about Lincolns life from Birth To Death.

Surprisingly, Abraham Lincoln was born to a Poor Family in Kentucky, where he was Self Educated, A Self educated Person who grows up to become very powerful is known as a ‘Self Made Man’ because they usually get their authority by themselves, this makes Abraham Lincoln a Rare kind of man.

Lincoln served in the Black Hawk War for a While and Taught himself  law, where he eventually moved on to have a seat in the Illinois state Legislature as a ‘Whig Politician'(A Whig is Recognized as Someone who Openly apposes Tyranny).

Lincoln opposed a Highly recognized and popular senator called Stephen Douglas for a place in the US Senate, Lincoln lost the election but gained a lot of respect for a good performance against Douglas, this Eventually led to Lincoln becoming a Contender for the US Presidential Elections of  1860.

After Lincoln was Elected, 7 states left the Union and Formed the Confederate States of America, these States consisted of South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama , Georgia, Louisiana and Texas and soon after, 4 other states(Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee and North Carolina) Joined the Confederacy, The War between the the North(Union) and the South(Confederacy) lasted a Brutal 4 years, but what really made Lincoln stand out was the Emancipation Proclamation.

The Emancipation Proclamation Freed All Slaves in the Confederacy and in the Whole of North America,  All the now Freed slaves could begin to live normal lives, This Dramatically Increased Lincolns Popularity(at least in the Northern States) and within the African American Community.

Although Lincoln was killed by an Assassin a week after Confederate forces Surrendered, Honest Abe was Remembered as a True American hero and is widely respected even today by many Americans and will likely be respected for years to come, This Article clearly supports my theme Idea of One man changing the World.

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