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Theme Study Journal Entry 3: Eragon (Fiction)

This story is about a young man called Eragon, A peasant farmer’s boy who was adopted by his uncle after his mother died, Eragon is introduced as a normal farmers boy who seems to be an adept hunter, Eragon lives at a farm near the village of Carvahall, The village is described as quite average, housing around 300 villagers, The book starts with a woman being chased by large men with grotesque faces, she runs into a clearing in a forest and uses magic to transport a large blue object from her hands to somewhere else, she is then captured by the men, the first few pages were brief and not very descriptive but the event which was happening was easy to understand, The book then jumps to Eragon, who is said to have an arrow ready to fire , it is evident that Eragon is hunting, he is being very patient and is about to release his arrow at a large deer when a bright blue glow and a thunderbolt scares the deer away, more thunderbolts and lightning light up the sky and a bright blue light shines on the clearing, and the blue object that the woman mentioned in the first few pages carried appears in the clearing, stuuned and frightened, Eragon takes this object to his home but doesn’t tell his uncle about it, the forest in which Eragon hunted was called the spine, which is hinted in the book that it is cursed, Eragon does not believe this however and hunts there regularly, When Eragon tries to sell the stone to a butcher, he is ordered to leave when the butcher finds out that this stone is from the spine, Eragon decides to keep it and returns home, during that same night, the ‘stone’ hatches, it turns out to be a Dragon egg, stunned, Eragon takes care of this baby dragon in secret, not daring to tell anybody, A man in the village, Brom the storyteller, is visited by Eragon who is curious about dragons, asking subtle questions about them, Brom tells him the names of the Old Dragons and how only 1 is still alive, and that there are 3 eggs remaining, Eragons questions led to Brom being suspicious that Eragon had stumbled upon a Dragon, The Dragon, Eragon found out, could speak to Humans through telepathy, and this established a connection between Eragon and the Dragon.

When Eragons farm is attacked by a mysterious Species of Assassins known as the Ra’zac, Brom susses out that Eragon has a dragon and takes him on a journey to find the Rebel group fighting the Evil King, the Group is called the Varden, Eragon soon finds out that there is VERY high expectations of him in the future, from the Varden and Brom….Eragon is taken to various cities along the way to the Varden, he Is taken to rescue the Elf woman from an Evil mastermind called Durza, Durza is possesed by evil spirits intent on serving the Evil king, Eragon escapes with Brom and the elf woman, and finds their way to the Varden, However Brom is killed on the way and Eragon needs to get to the Varden as soon as possible, When he finally reaches them, He is viewed as hostile until the Varden finds out he is a Dragon rider, by this time news of a new rider had spread throughout the Land, making Eragon very famous  with the people of the country, Eragon is made even more famous after the Evil king finds the Hideout of the Varden, sending an army to defeat them, Eragon confronts Durza, the one leading this army and kills him, winning the battle for the Varden, this Creates more Respect and fame for Eragon as he single handedly kills this Evil being, giving the people of the country new hope in escaping the reign of the Evil King Galbatorix.

The book shows the Rise to power of a simple farm boy, to a legendary Dragon rider, inspiring many thousands of people to take up arms against Galbatorix.

This is another example of 1 man, changing the world, even if it is fiction, it clearly supports my theme Idea.


  • Jack, this is a perfect example of the purpose of this theme study. I’m really pleased to see you’ve got such a clear understanding – and I enjoyed reading what you’ve written.

    Welcome to Year 11, by the way. You simply could not have made a better start!

    • Thank you very much, I’ve been working on most of them simultaneously and quickly because I was away on holiday for most of the summer, But I’m pretty sure that I’ll have the rest published by today.

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