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Theme Study Journal Entry 2: Rise of Hitler (Film)

The film I have chosen that comes under my theme of  One man can change the world is called Rise of Hitler.

I have chosen this film because of the actions Hitler took in the Film that led to his dominance over most of Europe…although the film doesn’t feature the war it shows the actions that Hitler took in the 1920s-1930s.

Hitler accomplished most of his goals on his own and was able to recruit civilians into his own private army…when he was in power…he brought economic stability to Germany and he reduced unemployment dramatically…he also strengthened the German military and stopped paying reparations which further helped the economy…however, he created hate in the German people of  Minorities such as Jews, Gypsies and Coloured people, This changed the world’s opinion of Germany and it’s citizens, Because Hitler didn’t really trust many people in the film…He made himself fuhrer when he could so that political opposition would not affect him, He also got rid of people with significant political power like erhmst rohm who had enough power to oppose him, He changed the view on how to take power in the country by realising that Armed putch’s(Armed political takeovers) fail nearly all of the time and that he needed to appeal to the population to gain power…this is evident in the film as it shows Hitler’s use of Propaganda and his policies on different people like women, young people and workers.

For the above reasons…I chose this film because Hitler’s actions completely changed Germany and the world’s opinion on it.

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