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Extract From Out Of The Blue

This Extract from ‘Out of the Blue’ Is about a victims perspective of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, it shows the emotions that were racing through a victims mind amidst the Chaos.

A language Feature I identified in the text was Rhyme, it is the most prominent feature as it appears in every Paragraph,  however every word that is rhymed in the poem  are actions, this creates a small amount of emphasis on the words and draw your attention to these particular parts of the poem, by paying attention to all of these words we can almost create an entirely new poem, this new poem would be based completely on the what thoughts of actions to take would be racing through the Readers head, and what the victim observes from his position in the building.                                                                   Another thing I have noticed about the words being rhymed is that some of them are associated with falling or actions your body would be doing while falling like Spiralling, wheeling wind-milling or waving, all of these words have some sort of relevance to falling. Other than emphasis, another effect it has is that we can properly associate words with thier possible meaning rather than viewing them as unrelated actions, for example in the first paragraph, it says- ‘You have picked me out through a distant shot of a burning building, you have noticed now that a white cotton shirt is twirling, turning’, we can easily associate the twirling and turning part to signalling and trying to catch attention rather than saying’ a white cotton shirt is spinning around’ which may seem to be an unrelated or pointless action.

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Creative Writing – Film Stimulus

Time has frozen, every detail of the earth is held in place by time, no movement, no sound.

Yet I am free, I can move, I can shout and scream and thrash about but nobody can see or hear me, if I look to my left, I am blinded by a still Sun that is locked in place by the grip of time, I look below it and see a light blue landscape, which used to be the Sea, but its waves crash no more, they don’t crash or thrash or throw itself up the beach any longer, It is a painted picture in my eyes, the sand on the beach doesn’t move in the wind that blew before the freeze in time, the palm trees do not sway, the leaves do not rustle.

Everything is Peaceful.

If I look to my Right, I see men, workers, cleaning a glass arch of a yellow building, I’m on the roof of that building now, staring at them, but one man looks uninterested from his work, he looks 20, with glasses and a small pointy nose, his eyes bright green with a fiery intensity that almost burns through me and a sharp hairline that looks like the point of a sword, his hair messy and rough, I can’t bear to look at this frozen man any longer, I am tempted to follow his gaze and look at what he was seeing, I look in front of him, I see a large green forest, lush and colourful that covers the ground, it fills my eyes with colour and almost makes me smile, it is frozen in a sway from a gush of wind, it’s half bent to the south, it looks like an old brown and green ballet dancer, but it can’t compel the man, instead I look higher, and my eyes catch the peak of a Mountain, it is so large that it almost has the power to catch the attention of those who dare daydream, its huge grey body is scary at first sight, but calms you in a way, the snow on top it as still as ever, the snow caught in time, but it can’t compel the man, Instead I look higher until something catches my attention.

Everything is Still.

Just rising over the clouds imprisoned around the peak of the Mountain, is an orange plume of smoke, a gas path to the sky,I follow it up higher and higher until I reach a solid black object, just below it, a bright orange flare burns like the Sun just opposite it, the glare fills my old eyes with positive thoughts, the brightness makes me feel happy inside, but I have no control over my emotions anymore, I can tell what this object is now, some would say that it is a Rocket, a Space Shuttle blasting off to Space, but I would call it a dream, a vision, a goal to work towards and a fantasy.

Everything is Silent.

I look back at the man now, I see mixed emotions in his eyes, I see Pain, Happiness, Pride and Honour, I see Faith, Hope and Lust, He is thinking of the future, he is dreaming. I thought that the Human mind had ceased to operate, nobody dreamt, nobody fantasized anymore, the people of the planet were people no longer, they were machines, programmed by science to do what they do without thought, they had no opinions and no fantasies.

Everything is Dead.

I realise now, this man has proved to me that the human race can still dream, they can fantasize and they can lust, they can love and fear, this man, without even speaking, looking or breathing, gave a new life to the Human race. This man showed me the truth behind the Cloak, I could no longer condemn these men to nothing,for they were Humans, real Human beings, with emotions, expressions and feelings.

Everything is True.

I am the only one with the power to reverse this freeze in time, for it was I that caused it, I had lost all faith in the human race and wanted to stop its existence, but my mind has been changed, In my Dying breath, I release Time from my Grasp and allow it to slip freely through my hands, the people are moving again, the wind is blowing, the clouds are flowing, and the man continues to follow the Rocket with his eyes, I allow myself a little smile as my vision fades into blackness.

Everything is Alive.

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Of Mice And Men: Predjudice Paragraphs.

There are many predjudices in Of mice and men which show what life was like in 1930s America.

One of the most prominant predjudices is Racism, specifically against African-Americans

This Predjudice is mentioned throughout the book where many white characters use the word ‘Nigger’ to Describe Black people, or Crooks, the Negro stable buck.

The extent of this Racism is revealed by crooks, Crooks explained it when Lennie stumbled into the Barnhouse trying to pet his Puppy, Crooks revealed how he is mistreated by the other white workers on the ranch, maybe not physically, but how they passively abuse him, I.E not wanting to be around him, not letting him in the Bunkhouse, not sharing food with him or sleeping or eating near him, all these things resulted in Crooks being very Independent and Defensive when it comes to talking to other people, Crooks shows The extent of this Racism by answering Lennie when Lennie asks why he wan’t wanted in the Bunkhouse, he says: “Cause I’m black. They play cards in there , but I can’t play because I’m Black. They say I stink. Well, I tell you, you all of you stink to me.”

The author uses simple, quick statements to explain the the Racism involved in the book, ‘Cause I’m Black’ is an example of this, it shows that The other workers did not socialize with Crooks solely because of his skin colour.

Lennie does not understand the concept of Racism because of his Incapacity to Learn, His disability is Cleverly used by the Author to give Crooks a reason to explain how the other white workers are Racist towards him , Lennie’s disability means that he cannot grasp the concept of Racism, therefore he does not hold any hate for Crooks or anyone else.

Crooks is very protective of his Pride and his protection is described by the author as the ‘terrible protective dignity of the Negro’ which he can ‘retreat’ into should he be insulted, Because Lennie is Mentally challenged and does not have the capacity to use insults, Crooks lowers his defences and brings out his inner side which is somewhat friendlier that when he is in his ‘Protection’.

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What was life like in the Great Depression?

The Great Depression: 1930s America

When the Great Depression Hit, money became very hard to come by, manual labour was required to earn even a slight amount of money and almost every able man in the country had to toil to get a salary.

Many american men and boys lost most of their possessions and money due to the great depression, All around the country people had to pack their bags and look for places to work. For the average american man, this was on a ranch where they earned next to nothing and couldn’t afford to buy a place of their own.

Most ranch workers earned 50 dollars a month and ended up spending it on liquor or at a Brothel this was because many men were separated from their families because they couldn’t support them financially.

The Initial emotions of People in the depression was literally depression, unhappiness and boredom.

People were depressed because of how bad their life had turned out.

Unhappiness because of the state of them and their families.

Boredom because getting up, working on a farm, getting money and moving onto a different ranch became a routine, never changing.

Evidently life was very hard for an american man, and also for women, many women resorted to prostitution in order to earn money, From 1930s to 1940s the use of brothels by men in america was bigger than in any other period. The social status of people changed dramatically in this period too, Its was very hard to come by an upper class person in society and the working class people were everywhere.

In conclusion: Life was hard and finding money was even harder.

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Theme Study Journal Entry 2: Rise of Hitler (Film)

The film I have chosen that comes under my theme of  One man can change the world is called Rise of Hitler.

I have chosen this film because of the actions Hitler took in the Film that led to his dominance over most of Europe…although the film doesn’t feature the war it shows the actions that Hitler took in the 1920s-1930s.

Hitler accomplished most of his goals on his own and was able to recruit civilians into his own private army…when he was in power…he brought economic stability to Germany and he reduced unemployment dramatically…he also strengthened the German military and stopped paying reparations which further helped the economy…however, he created hate in the German people of  Minorities such as Jews, Gypsies and Coloured people, This changed the world’s opinion of Germany and it’s citizens, Because Hitler didn’t really trust many people in the film…He made himself fuhrer when he could so that political opposition would not affect him, He also got rid of people with significant political power like erhmst rohm who had enough power to oppose him, He changed the view on how to take power in the country by realising that Armed putch’s(Armed political takeovers) fail nearly all of the time and that he needed to appeal to the population to gain power…this is evident in the film as it shows Hitler’s use of Propaganda and his policies on different people like women, young people and workers.

For the above reasons…I chose this film because Hitler’s actions completely changed Germany and the world’s opinion on it.

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Theme Study Journal Entry 1: MK Gandhi (autobiography)

This Autobiography of MK Gandhi falls under my theme of: ONE  MAN CAN CHANGE THE WORLD because of the actions Gandhi took over the course of his life that eventually led to his political and religious standing in society before he was assassinated by Nathuram Godse.

Gandhi explored the culture of South Africa and England in his book in his pursuit of becoming a Barrister,

Gandhi was the Political leader of India during the Indian Independence Movement and thus inspired Civil rights and freedom movements all across the globe.

Gandhi First used non violent civil disobedience in South Africa as a lawyer while he struggled for the Indian community’s Civil rights.

When Gandhi returned to India in 1915 he gathered many poor farmers and peasants ect. and campaigned against Large tax sums and discrimination.

He became leader of the Indian national congress in 1921 and he used this post to lead nationwide campaigns to expand rights for women and lessen poverty have economical self reliance.

Gandhi also had a role during the Zulu war when he encouraged the British army to let Indian soldiers and volunteers join their ranks, this was to legitimize Indians full claim to citizenship, though the British did let Indians be commissioned as officers, They were made to treat injured soldiers on the battlefield.

Gandhi achieved all this mainly on his own or in a small circle of people, He was able to influence the lives of many for the greater good and became recognised internationally as a figure to look up to as he was honest, and faithful and completely non-violent in all his protests and campaigns. He changed the way society works Today and without him the world surely would not be multi-cultural and India would probably under the rule of one country or another.

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Young Samurai: The way of the sword

This book is about a teenager from England called Jack, based in the late 1800s, He sets sail with his father to explore new lands but unfortunately, his ship is taken over by pirates on the coast of Japan, He is saved by a samurai and barely escapes with his life, but his father is killed by a pirate, a ninja who goes by the name of Dragon eye, The samurai who saves him teaches him the way of the Samurai and Jack plans to get revenge on the ninja who killed his father, This is the second book in the series in which jack enters a tournement to become a great warrior of the samurai and learns how to finally kill dragon eye


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