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Modern taming of the shrew scene

Act 2, scene 1

Enter Katherina and Bianca [With her hands tied]

BIANCA: Sister, don’t wrong me, or wrong yourself, don’t try and treat me like a slave, now hurry, untie my hands, i’ll pull off all my swag,i’ll do whatever you want, I know to respect my elders.

KATHERINA:  Of  all the people who want you, tell me, who loves you most, will you cheat on them?

BIANCA: Trust me, of all the men i’ve seen, none of them are special, none that I like above all others.

KATHERINA: Spoilt brat, you lie, isn’t it hortensio?

BIANCA: Hah, if you love him, i’ll get you with him myself if  you can’t get him yourself.

KATHERINA: Ah, you like rich men more, maybe Gremio is the one you need.

BIANCA: no, you insult me, and I have known you have been insulting me all this while, enough of this, untie my hands!

‘Katherina strikes her’

KATHERINA: if that was an insult then all the rest were too.

Quotations from today

Quotes showing the feelings of women in both ‘Taming of the shrew’ and Sylvia Plath’s poems:

“I’ll see thee hanged on sunday first” – Katherina to Petruchio after petruchio suggest marrying her, suggests that she is prepared for violence with no remorse.
“You lie, in faith, for you are called plain Kate, And Bonny Kate, and sometimes KAte the Curst”

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GCSE Practice Work: Shakespeare & Sylvia Plath

How do Shakespeare and Plath show the strength of the feeling of women?

(INTRO):In both ‘The taming of the Shrew’ and Poems by Sylvia Plath, we see that the feelings of women are very strong, however, we can see that Shakespeare cannot accurately portray the feelings and thoughts of women as much as Sylvia Plath as she is actually a woman.

Sylvia Plath uses strong violent imagery to portray feelings, while Shakespeare uses a strong minded yet somewhat quiet character, another comparison between the two authors is that while they both use certain language devices, for example, when important characters in Shakespeare’s ‘Taming of the Shrew’ speak, they use iambic pentameter, however in Sylvia Plath’s play ‘Daddy’, she uses the ‘oo’ sound a lot, E.G: two, you, who, while this ‘sound’ is quite noticeable, the Iambic pentameter is hard to notice unless you pay attention to the lines.

Some Dramatic devices are also noticeable in Both Authors pieces, for example, in Sylvia Plath’s ‘Daddy’, She uses very violent and offensive imagery, referring to her father as a ‘Nazi’ and herself as a ‘Jew’, and using very ‘Nazi’ era references, however, in Shakespeare’s ‘Taming of the Shrew’, Katherina uses the power of her mind to ‘backchat’ to Petruchio, her sister and her father a number of times.

Sylvia Plath’s Poems and Shakespeare’s ‘Taming of the shrew’ are laid out in completely different ways, because the ‘Taming of the shrew’ was a Play and not a poem, the poems were laid out in short paragraphs, sometimes with various rhymes and other poetic devices, whereas, the ‘Taming of the Shrew’ simply used lines from the characters, there was no particular layout in the way that they spoke.


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Katherine vs Petruchio: Behaviour comparison

In the beginning of the play, we see insulting behaviour from both Katherina and Petruchio, this is in the form of a ‘sparring match’ with insults.

Petruchio uses various sexual innuendos and normal insults when he is insulting Katherina, for example;

when Petruchio calls Katherina a wasp, she replies with “if I be waspish, best beware my sting”.

Katherina also states that Petruchio doesn’t know where a wasps sting lies, Petruchio says what it is in his tail and Katherina replies with: “in his tongue” and “yours, if you talk of tales, and so farewell”,

to which Petruchio replies with:”what? With my in your tail?, this is a clear sexual innuendo as he is implying that he wants to commit an act of oral sex,  this type of  insult is much cruder and blunt than Katherina’s smart and indirect comebacks, this is one of the reasons why Petruchios and Katherinas behaviour is not comparable.

Another reason for this is the insulting behaviour Petruchio has in other parts of the play, for example, when katherina and Petruchio are married and they go to petruchios household, Petruchio is rude and bullies the servants over petty things, such as how cooked the meat is, he is also violent and cruel, he repeatedly strikes his servants and forbids katherina from eating and sleeping, this is another reason why petruchios and Katherinas behaviour is not comparable, katherina, although strong minded and independent she is  a very reasonable person, she is also noticeably more quiet as the play progresses, speaking only in protest of  petruchios behaviour, Petruchio believes that’s Katherina  is some ‘wild animal’ to be tamed.

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Taming of the shrew character description: Katherina

Katherina is one of the main characters in the play, Taming of the shrew, she is described as strong minded, and Very independent, although she is sort after by petruchio, she wants nothing to do with him , she is not easily upset and doesn’t follow the behavior and nature of average women in the renaissance era.

She is not particularly interested in a relationship and is often described as a shrew or even frigid because of her behavior  she is also seen as a sort of enemy be many people because of her strong and independent nature, which was not how the majority of women in renaissance era Italy behaved.

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Theme Study Journal Entry 6: Charles Darwin(Newspaper Article; New York Times)

This Lengthy article talks about how Charles Darwin is still Influential after 200 years and explores his theory in detail.

At First, Darwin’s theory was Largely accepted then challenged, in fact, it has been challenged many, many times, A large amount of people believed that Darwin’s theory of Natural selection between animals was absurd, however, this theory was Accepted by a very large number of scientists, the fact remains that Darwin was the first man to publish Detailed and Large amounts of evidence supporting his theory instead of publishing various articles as new evidence arises.

Darwin, instead of brushing off challenges to his theory, became obsessed with them until he found a solution, which made him a rare individual and Genius, Darwin has influenced Science(mainly Biology) by a great deal because of his advanced thoughts and the Vast amounts of evidence backing up his theory, there is likely to be Hardly any theories that might greatly disprove  his theory as many theorists don’t find enough evidence to support it.

Darwin was a Rare individual because of his intelligence, in a time where there wasn’t many Equally Intelligent people, Although many religious people will dismiss Darwin’s theory as Absurd, they will likely not find substantial evidence to back up their claims.

He Changed the way animals are studied forever, and will likely not be forgotten for a while, his theory will likely be added onto by Scientists and some parts might be proved wrong, it does not change the fact that Darwin changed the Entire World.

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Theme Study Journal Entry 5: Abraham Lincoln(Newspaper Article; New York Times)

This Newspaper Article talks about Lincolns life from Birth To Death.

Surprisingly, Abraham Lincoln was born to a Poor Family in Kentucky, where he was Self Educated, A Self educated Person who grows up to become very powerful is known as a ‘Self Made Man’ because they usually get their authority by themselves, this makes Abraham Lincoln a Rare kind of man.

Lincoln served in the Black Hawk War for a While and Taught himself  law, where he eventually moved on to have a seat in the Illinois state Legislature as a ‘Whig Politician'(A Whig is Recognized as Someone who Openly apposes Tyranny).

Lincoln opposed a Highly recognized and popular senator called Stephen Douglas for a place in the US Senate, Lincoln lost the election but gained a lot of respect for a good performance against Douglas, this Eventually led to Lincoln becoming a Contender for the US Presidential Elections of  1860.

After Lincoln was Elected, 7 states left the Union and Formed the Confederate States of America, these States consisted of South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama , Georgia, Louisiana and Texas and soon after, 4 other states(Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee and North Carolina) Joined the Confederacy, The War between the the North(Union) and the South(Confederacy) lasted a Brutal 4 years, but what really made Lincoln stand out was the Emancipation Proclamation.

The Emancipation Proclamation Freed All Slaves in the Confederacy and in the Whole of North America,  All the now Freed slaves could begin to live normal lives, This Dramatically Increased Lincolns Popularity(at least in the Northern States) and within the African American Community.

Although Lincoln was killed by an Assassin a week after Confederate forces Surrendered, Honest Abe was Remembered as a True American hero and is widely respected even today by many Americans and will likely be respected for years to come, This Article clearly supports my theme Idea of One man changing the World.

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Theme Study Journal Entry 4: Stephen Kings ‘The Running Man’ (Fiction)

The book is set in North America in the year 2025, in Co Op city (Not the real Co Op city) in the Fictional state of Harding west of Detroit,  with the state being an Authoritarian police state, the Book follows Benjamin Richards, a Working class man from ‘South of the Canal’ which is Shown in the book to be the bad and Crime ridden section of the City, Ben himself is not a Criminal but that doesn’t change his social status at all, The Book is laid out in a 1st person Format with Ben being the Narrator.

In the beginning of the Book, Ben is talking with his Wife about his sick and dying 3 year old daughter while watching the 2025 era televisions called ‘Free Vees’, these TVs are much like the Telescreens in George Orwell’s 1984 Except the Free Vees were allowed to be turned off and weren’t watching the citizens, however it was compulsory for every household in North America to have one.

Ben and his family(wife and Daughter) are poor, and the only way to get a decent amount of money in the film was to compete in Game shows run by the Government/Telecommunications company known as the Network, these Game could range from simple  Treadmill Time Trials to the Ultra Dangerous Hide and Seek(Kill) Style game show called ‘The Running man’.

Ben makes the decision to Go to the Network Headquarters, which is based in his own city to take part in the games, The lines of people hoping to get chosen are tested Physically and Mentally, Ben Richards is intelligent by Co Op city standards and also quite physically fit despite(as stated later in the book) being exposed to large amounts of radiation from a past employment, Out of the many hundreds, Ben and another man are chosen for the Legendary but Equally Dangerous and Lethal game show, ‘The Running Man’, although the President of the Network is not mentioned in the book, it is clear that ‘The Running Man’ Producer Dan Killian has quite a lot of Authority in the Network.

Ben is told about ‘The Running Man’, it’s prize and how to ‘Play’. At the Game start, Ben is Given a 12 hour head start to Leave the building and hide wherever he wishes(Any part of the World), While the Game Show’s host, Bobby Thompson Slanders his name across North America through the Free Vee(which is always tuned to Game Show Channels, ‘The Running Man’ being the most watched by the population), Ben must survive as long as he can and is awarded 50 New Dollars(New Dollars are worth around 300 Normal or ‘old Dollars) Every Hour he survives, During this time, he is hunted by Elite Assassins known as ‘Hunters’, If ben is killed before the 30 day period in which the Game show runs, his winnings will be given to his family, if He survives a month, he will win the Grand Prize of ‘N$1,000,000,000′(I Billion New Dollars).

When the game starts, Ben Wastes no time, because if a Civilian Sees him they can report him, a Confirmed sighting is worth N$100, a Sighting that results in a kill is worth N£1000, he makes his way South of the Canal and get’s Fake ID and a Crummy Disguise from a Pawnbroker, He travels by Shuttle(Low Capacity Jet) to Boston and stays in the YMCA, Ben has a Camera and has to Post 2 tapes to the Network Headquarters each day or he forfeits his payment, while in the YMCA, he becomes increasingly paranoid and believes that everyone is watching him, after 3 days staying in the Hotel in the Disguise of a Blind Priest , he comes into contact with the Hunters and the Local Police, who raid the hotel in an attempt to Capture and kill him him, he evades them by climbing through pipes in the Basement and blowing up the Power Generator and Oil Supply in the Basement with Newspaper and Matches.

After escaping the YMCA and walking through the Suburbs of Boston, he meets a 7 year old African American boy who agrees to take Ben in(in return for New Dollars), when Ben meets the boy’s older brother, he discovers a National Conspiracy to kill off the Poor Population of North America(Or rather, save the rich) by letting the rich buy nose filters to save them from the Unimaginable scale of Pollution and let the poor who can’t afford it die off.

Ben Decides that he needs to do something and Records himself on tape talking about the Pollution, but the Network edits his voice out and in place of it makes Ben seem to swear and spread hate to the Viewers.

He Decides that it is unsafe to stay in Boston and get’s Bradley, the boy’s older Brother to take him Out of Boston and into Maine, where Ben makes his own way, Ben, having got his hands on a Revolver from Bradley Hijacks a Car with a women inside, telling her to take him to the airport where he Makes it publicly  known that he has a Hostage, soon enough, News crews arrive and a Large crowd gathers near the airport, to Keep the Police and Hunters from shooting him, he states that he has a Very Volatile and Large Explosive called ‘Black Irish’ which could destroy the Entire airport if it went off, but he was bluffing and had only stuffed the woman’s purse into his Pocket, After gaining access to a Large jet where he demands that the Chief Hunter come with him along with the Pilots and his Hostage, After take off, Dan Killian Contacts Ben through a Free Vee and congratulates him on his Record Breaking Survival time and offers Ben the chance to take the Current Chief hunters place, He also tells ben that he knows that he only has the woman’s purse, and how his wife and daughter were slaughtered by a Biker gang a few days before, Ben Tells Dan that he wants to think and Switches the Free Vee off.

Ben uses his gun to kill the Crew and the Hunters that were aboard the Jet and Throws his hostage out of the plane with a Parachute, After the shoot out, Ben Realizes that he is Fatally Wounded and takes control of the Jet, He turns the Jet around and Flies into the Network Headquarters(Skyscraper) much like the Terrorist attacks of 9/11, this would kill many inside the tower and bring and end to the Network.

Clearly, Ben has tried and failed to Tell the Population about the Pollution Conspiracy but after failing to do so, he realizes that the only way to at least stop the Network was to Destroy them, Although we don’t see what happens after he Crashes into the Tower We can Tell that Ben had Nothing to lose and wanted to do his last greatest deed, the book clearly supports my theme Idea of ‘1 man changing the world’.

Ben was Almost Entirely on his own During the Game show, and After uncovering the Pollution Conspiracy, acted alone to remove the Leadership of the Network, the Masterminds behind this conspiracy.

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This is Your Online Domain

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Make the most of, and enjoy this new freedom in your English learning.



Mr Waugh

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Theme Study Journal Entry 3: Eragon (Fiction)

This story is about a young man called Eragon, A peasant farmer’s boy who was adopted by his uncle after his mother died, Eragon is introduced as a normal farmers boy who seems to be an adept hunter, Eragon lives at a farm near the village of Carvahall, The village is described as quite average, housing around 300 villagers, The book starts with a woman being chased by large men with grotesque faces, she runs into a clearing in a forest and uses magic to transport a large blue object from her hands to somewhere else, she is then captured by the men, the first few pages were brief and not very descriptive but the event which was happening was easy to understand, The book then jumps to Eragon, who is said to have an arrow ready to fire , it is evident that Eragon is hunting, he is being very patient and is about to release his arrow at a large deer when a bright blue glow and a thunderbolt scares the deer away, more thunderbolts and lightning light up the sky and a bright blue light shines on the clearing, and the blue object that the woman mentioned in the first few pages carried appears in the clearing, stuuned and frightened, Eragon takes this object to his home but doesn’t tell his uncle about it, the forest in which Eragon hunted was called the spine, which is hinted in the book that it is cursed, Eragon does not believe this however and hunts there regularly, When Eragon tries to sell the stone to a butcher, he is ordered to leave when the butcher finds out that this stone is from the spine, Eragon decides to keep it and returns home, during that same night, the ‘stone’ hatches, it turns out to be a Dragon egg, stunned, Eragon takes care of this baby dragon in secret, not daring to tell anybody, A man in the village, Brom the storyteller, is visited by Eragon who is curious about dragons, asking subtle questions about them, Brom tells him the names of the Old Dragons and how only 1 is still alive, and that there are 3 eggs remaining, Eragons questions led to Brom being suspicious that Eragon had stumbled upon a Dragon, The Dragon, Eragon found out, could speak to Humans through telepathy, and this established a connection between Eragon and the Dragon.

When Eragons farm is attacked by a mysterious Species of Assassins known as the Ra’zac, Brom susses out that Eragon has a dragon and takes him on a journey to find the Rebel group fighting the Evil King, the Group is called the Varden, Eragon soon finds out that there is VERY high expectations of him in the future, from the Varden and Brom….Eragon is taken to various cities along the way to the Varden, he Is taken to rescue the Elf woman from an Evil mastermind called Durza, Durza is possesed by evil spirits intent on serving the Evil king, Eragon escapes with Brom and the elf woman, and finds their way to the Varden, However Brom is killed on the way and Eragon needs to get to the Varden as soon as possible, When he finally reaches them, He is viewed as hostile until the Varden finds out he is a Dragon rider, by this time news of a new rider had spread throughout the Land, making Eragon very famous  with the people of the country, Eragon is made even more famous after the Evil king finds the Hideout of the Varden, sending an army to defeat them, Eragon confronts Durza, the one leading this army and kills him, winning the battle for the Varden, this Creates more Respect and fame for Eragon as he single handedly kills this Evil being, giving the people of the country new hope in escaping the reign of the Evil King Galbatorix.

The book shows the Rise to power of a simple farm boy, to a legendary Dragon rider, inspiring many thousands of people to take up arms against Galbatorix.

This is another example of 1 man, changing the world, even if it is fiction, it clearly supports my theme Idea.


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