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English examination practice: question 2

Explain how the headline and picture are effective and how they link to the text.

The Headline :’Up, Up and Away; the day armchair travel really took off’ is effective because of the way it is written in the article and the text itself.

an Obvious attention grabber would be that it is written in bold writing in the article, which makes it easier to spot, also, the position of the headline, at the top of the article, usually makes it the first thing to be read by a reader, it is linked to the text because it is the main topic of the article, and basically sums it up in a brief and witty manner.

The picture, is a picture of distant shot of a man in an armchair, floating over the channel with balloons attached, the reason that it is effective is because it is very colorful, this will draw the readers attention to it for a number of seconds, it is also effective because it is immediately related to both the headline and the actual article, it is also easily recognizable and along with the headline, can sum up the article, as the famous cliffs of Dover are visible in t he picture, along with some of the channel, the location of the picture is found, and links to the text as the area of the channel, Dover Cliffs, and Dunkirk are mentioned in the text and all located near the area visible in the picture.

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  • This covers the main links between the image and the text and it explains some of the direct effect of the image.

    To develop the answer the references to the song “Up up and away” or the film “up” would have helped – as would have noting the apparent danger of the mission and the pun in the title ‘armchair travel really took off’ which is then reflected in the image.. which is a visualisation of the same pun.


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