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Extract From Out Of The Blue

This Extract from ‘Out of the Blue’ Is about a victims perspective of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, it shows the emotions that were racing through a victims mind amidst the Chaos.

A language Feature I identified in the text was Rhyme, it is the most prominent feature as it appears in every Paragraph,  however every word that is rhymed in the poem  are actions, this creates a small amount of emphasis on the words and draw your attention to these particular parts of the poem, by paying attention to all of these words we can almost create an entirely new poem, this new poem would be based completely on the what thoughts of actions to take would be racing through the Readers head, and what the victim observes from his position in the building.                                                                   Another thing I have noticed about the words being rhymed is that some of them are associated with falling or actions your body would be doing while falling like Spiralling, wheeling wind-milling or waving, all of these words have some sort of relevance to falling. Other than emphasis, another effect it has is that we can properly associate words with thier possible meaning rather than viewing them as unrelated actions, for example in the first paragraph, it says- ‘You have picked me out through a distant shot of a burning building, you have noticed now that a white cotton shirt is twirling, turning’, we can easily associate the twirling and turning part to signalling and trying to catch attention rather than saying’ a white cotton shirt is spinning around’ which may seem to be an unrelated or pointless action.


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