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Creative Writing – Film Stimulus

Time has frozen, every detail of the earth is held in place by time, no movement, no sound.

Yet I am free, I can move, I can shout and scream and thrash about but nobody can see or hear me, if I look to my left, I am blinded by a still Sun that is locked in place by the grip of time, I look below it and see a light blue landscape, which used to be the Sea, but its waves crash no more, they don’t crash or thrash or throw itself up the beach any longer, It is a painted picture in my eyes, the sand on the beach doesn’t move in the wind that blew before the freeze in time, the palm trees do not sway, the leaves do not rustle.

Everything is Peaceful.

If I look to my Right, I see men, workers, cleaning a glass arch of a yellow building, I’m on the roof of that building now, staring at them, but one man looks uninterested from his work, he looks 20, with glasses and a small pointy nose, his eyes bright green with a fiery intensity that almost burns through me and a sharp hairline that looks like the point of a sword, his hair messy and rough, I can’t bear to look at this frozen man any longer, I am tempted to follow his gaze and look at what he was seeing, I look in front of him, I see a large green forest, lush and colourful that covers the ground, it fills my eyes with colour and almost makes me smile, it is frozen in a sway from a gush of wind, it’s half bent to the south, it looks like an old brown and green ballet dancer, but it can’t compel the man, instead I look higher, and my eyes catch the peak of a Mountain, it is so large that it almost has the power to catch the attention of those who dare daydream, its huge grey body is scary at first sight, but calms you in a way, the snow on top it as still as ever, the snow caught in time, but it can’t compel the man, Instead I look higher until something catches my attention.

Everything is Still.

Just rising over the clouds imprisoned around the peak of the Mountain, is an orange plume of smoke, a gas path to the sky,I follow it up higher and higher until I reach a solid black object, just below it, a bright orange flare burns like the Sun just opposite it, the glare fills my old eyes with positive thoughts, the brightness makes me feel happy inside, but I have no control over my emotions anymore, I can tell what this object is now, some would say that it is a Rocket, a Space Shuttle blasting off to Space, but I would call it a dream, a vision, a goal to work towards and a fantasy.

Everything is Silent.

I look back at the man now, I see mixed emotions in his eyes, I see Pain, Happiness, Pride and Honour, I see Faith, Hope and Lust, He is thinking of the future, he is dreaming. I thought that the Human mind had ceased to operate, nobody dreamt, nobody fantasized anymore, the people of the planet were people no longer, they were machines, programmed by science to do what they do without thought, they had no opinions and no fantasies.

Everything is Dead.

I realise now, this man has proved to me that the human race can still dream, they can fantasize and they can lust, they can love and fear, this man, without even speaking, looking or breathing, gave a new life to the Human race. This man showed me the truth behind the Cloak, I could no longer condemn these men to nothing,for they were Humans, real Human beings, with emotions, expressions and feelings.

Everything is True.

I am the only one with the power to reverse this freeze in time, for it was I that caused it, I had lost all faith in the human race and wanted to stop its existence, but my mind has been changed, In my Dying breath, I release Time from my Grasp and allow it to slip freely through my hands, the people are moving again, the wind is blowing, the clouds are flowing, and the man continues to follow the Rocket with his eyes, I allow myself a little smile as my vision fades into blackness.

Everything is Alive.


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