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What was life like in the Great Depression?

The Great Depression: 1930s America

When the Great Depression Hit, money became very hard to come by, manual labour was required to earn even a slight amount of money and almost every able man in the country had to toil to get a salary.

Many american men and boys lost most of their possessions and money due to the great depression, All around the country people had to pack their bags and look for places to work. For the average american man, this was on a ranch where they earned next to nothing and couldn’t afford to buy a place of their own.

Most ranch workers earned 50 dollars a month and ended up spending it on liquor or at a Brothel this was because many men were separated from their families because they couldn’t support them financially.

The Initial emotions of People in the depression was literally depression, unhappiness and boredom.

People were depressed because of how bad their life had turned out.

Unhappiness because of the state of them and their families.

Boredom because getting up, working on a farm, getting money and moving onto a different ranch became a routine, never changing.

Evidently life was very hard for an american man, and also for women, many women resorted to prostitution in order to earn money, From 1930s to 1940s the use of brothels by men in america was bigger than in any other period. The social status of people changed dramatically in this period too, Its was very hard to come by an upper class person in society and the working class people were everywhere.

In conclusion: Life was hard and finding money was even harder.

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