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Theme Study Journal Entry 1: MK Gandhi (autobiography)

This Autobiography of MK Gandhi falls under my theme of: ONE  MAN CAN CHANGE THE WORLD because of the actions Gandhi took over the course of his life that eventually led to his political and religious standing in society before he was assassinated by Nathuram Godse.

Gandhi explored the culture of South Africa and England in his book in his pursuit of becoming a Barrister,

Gandhi was the Political leader of India during the Indian Independence Movement and thus inspired Civil rights and freedom movements all across the globe.

Gandhi First used non violent civil disobedience in South Africa as a lawyer while he struggled for the Indian community’s Civil rights.

When Gandhi returned to India in 1915 he gathered many poor farmers and peasants ect. and campaigned against Large tax sums and discrimination.

He became leader of the Indian national congress in 1921 and he used this post to lead nationwide campaigns to expand rights for women and lessen poverty have economical self reliance.

Gandhi also had a role during the Zulu war when he encouraged the British army to let Indian soldiers and volunteers join their ranks, this was to legitimize Indians full claim to citizenship, though the British did let Indians be commissioned as officers, They were made to treat injured soldiers on the battlefield.

Gandhi achieved all this mainly on his own or in a small circle of people, He was able to influence the lives of many for the greater good and became recognised internationally as a figure to look up to as he was honest, and faithful and completely non-violent in all his protests and campaigns. He changed the way society works Today and without him the world surely would not be multi-cultural and India would probably under the rule of one country or another.


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