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Young Samurai: The way of the sword

This book is about a teenager from England called Jack, based in the late 1800s, He sets sail with his father to explore new lands but unfortunately, his ship is taken over by pirates on the coast of Japan, He is saved by a samurai and barely escapes with his life, but his father is killed by a pirate, a ninja who goes by the name of Dragon eye, The samurai who saves him teaches him the way of the Samurai and Jack plans to get revenge on the ninja who killed his father, This is the second book in the series in which jack enters a tournement to become a great warrior of the samurai and learns how to finally kill dragon eye


  • Thanks, Jack – exactly what I asked for.

    Mr Waugh

  • Where can I find my English Grade for the Test?

    • It will appear here as soon as I’ve finished marking it…

      • For the 2 articles on the Things I am reading/watching for my theme…can I Make write brief overviews on chapters/scenes from them

        • Yes, you can – but have a look on the website for the guide which explains in more detail what should go into your written reports.

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